Today, Icaro is the world leading company in the production of machines for the processing of iron rods used in reinforced concrete.
Our constant attention for progress and new discoveries in the engineering and mechanical fields is what keeps us ahead as we face challenges that have been getting more and more exciting over the years: for instance, the introduction of bluetooth technology used for machine diagnostics. Quality, creativity and an all-Italian design are just some of the characteristics that have made the Icaro brand renowned worldwide.
At Icaro, we have specialist operators representing various nationalities, thus we are able to assist our internationally based customers in every phase of the decision making process, from the order to the production of the machines.
Our staff members have an excellent command of industry specific vocabulary in many different languages, such as but not limited to: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Romanian, Hindi and Arabic.
Icaro’s diverse customer base is made up of large construction companies on an international level, big industrial corporations government bodies responsible for the development of infrastructures, cement plants, oil companies, as well as small and medium sized enterprises operating in the civil and industrial construction field.